The partners are:
- individual persons (families, relatives, friends and volunteers)
- juridical persons (NGOs)
- the public sector (authorities at different levels, institutions, specialized services)
- the private sector (businesses, private donors, corporative and private foundations)
- or anybody, who is part of BridgingBorders' network
and take an active part in developing actions.




Solutions become accessible, when different people bring together their knowledge, abilities, networks and ideas, train and motivate each other, share common interests for results and equally benefit from their mutual collaboration.

At BridgingBorders, the concept of exchange and work "together" is not only at heart of every ACTION, but has also become a recognized logo for our largest programme.

The partners are what make BridgingBorders needed and alive
BridgingBorders' network is a growing and eclectic body.
Find out more about is by exploring our "partners-participants" pages (yellow background).
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BridgingBorders is an independent non-for-profit, apolitical and non religious organisation
BridgingBorders's main objective is to establish a dialog with socially and/or culturally marginalized or excluded populations, to support and promote their initiatives through:
  1. the creation of alternative services to existing systems, in order to provide marginalized or excluded groups a space for expressing and reivindicating their rights and thereby reducing the exclusion they are facing.

  2. the establishment of a network among Swiss and foreign partners, including in it every moral or physical person that shares BridgingBorders' approach and goals.
BridgingBorders' main geographical area of intervention is the NIS region.
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As announced at the beginning of 2012, BridgingBorders has continued its exchange programme. In Spring 2012, we welcomed to Switzerland a delegation of Russian representatives of the Department of Social Affairs from Novgorod the Great‘s region. In December of the same year, our executive director participated in a national conference organized by the city of Krasnoyarsk on the challenges of the role of the State in addressing the needs of disabled people. This year, we are organizing the trip to Russia of an amateurial choir partially composed by people with different disabilities. You can follow on this fabulous adventure on our Facebook page.


The role of BridgingBorders
described by our partners
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Our chairperson shares her understanding of the role of BridgingBorders

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An action, several programmes
BridgingBorders coordinates, feeds and develops a network of PARTNERS, who are all initiators and actors of their own projects. BridgingBorders supports the network by catalysing partnerships, launching ideas, mobilizing existing resources, challenging statu quos and clich├ęs. It also provides technical assistance to partners, either directly or through the mobilization of the network's competencies.
A number of projects are already ongoing that bring together partners from Switzerland and Russia, BridgingBorders' pilot areas of intervention.
You will find more details on concrete actions and projects by exploring our "Action" pages (orange background).
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