BridgingBorders develops its activities according to the principle of the "leverage effect". Its ACTION is structured in a number of large and flexible PROGRAMMES, which contain and shape several different PROJECTS.

The " leverage effect "

This concept stands for interventions that serve as catalysers or triggers for the mobilization of existing, but poorly known or recognized resources by the concerned actors themselves. In other words, BridgingBorders does not "run" programmes in contexts, where specific needs have been identified, nor does it raise funds on behalf of potential beneficiaries. On the contrary, BridgingBorders provides technical assistance or facilitates partnerships between actors with similar interests, but complimentary resources, in order to allow projects to be initiated by those individuals, who need them the most and to generate win-win situations for all people involved.
BridgingBorders' action consists of the identification of needs and potential actors, the proposal of "matching partnerships", the creation of a network of actors and the continuous support of their actions and initiatives with the help of the competencies and resources available within the network itself.
The "leverage effect" provides BridgingBorders with a clear exit strategy from the ontset of each project, whereby the intermediary becomes a simple observer as soon as the actors involve recognize and mobilize their own resources and skills or the ones identified in their immediate environment.