Association BridgingBorders  
BridgingBorders is an independent, non-for-profit, apolitical and non-religious association created according to articles 60 and following of the Swiss Civil Code
Introduction By-laws (French)

BridgingBorders became a professional structure in September 2009 after existing informally for several years.

This shift was motivated by a need to better respond to its partners' needs and expectations, and to offer its services in a more regular and consistent manner throughout the year.

BridgingBorders develops its actions in close collaboration with its partners around the principle of exchange and according to a specific concept called "the leverage effect".

The association consists of a board of members, which is the ultimate decision-making organ, a committee and its administrative board, and the executive office, in charge of the programmes' implementation.

The association's working principles are fixed in details by the regulations.

BridgingBorders is officially based in Geneva - Switzerland, at the heart of a very active international community, and has a secretariat located in Sion, in the Valais canton. (see contact details)

BridgingBorders' main objective is to establish a dialog with socially and/or culturally marginalized or excluded populations, to support and promote their initiatives through:
  1. the creation of alternative services to existing systems in order to provide marginalized or excluded groups a space for expressing and reivindicating their rights and thereby reducing the exclusion they are facing.
  2. the establishment of a network among Swiss and foreign partners including in it every moral or physical person that shares BridgingBorders' approach and goals.
BridgingBorders develops its activities mainly in NIS countries.